Subtle Changes: Bentley Flying Spur V8 S

Bentley offers luxury to the elite with smooth, curved body lines, minimal panel gaps, and oppulant interiors. With a lineup consisting of a variety of sedans, a wide range of two doors and the upcoming Bentayga SUV, they seem poised to continue their perch as an automaker for the elite. Bentley seems to feel differently though, as they believe their current luxury Flying Spur sedan needs another offering. Enter the Bentley Flying Spur V8 S; poised to fill the gap between the Flying Spur V8 and W12. Bringing increased power, tweaked suspension, and unique styling cues; Bentley wants to bring out the sports car lover in their sedan driving customer base.

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Looks are typically the defining feature between trim lines on models for automakers. However, it seems that Bentley continues its lean toward the elegant rather than flashy with subtle additions that hint this isn’t just a normal V8 Flying Spur. The grille trades the chrome for black and the wheels are now 20” open-spoke black painted, following an industry norm of adding black to show this model is sporty. Owners can opt for even more black accents if desired; such as 21” black and bright six-spoke wheels, black gloss exterior mirror covers, and dark-tint lights. The rear haunch and treadplates receive some subtle V8 S badging. The interior also receives black accents in the form of piano-black wood veneers while the steering wheel receives a sport treatment with grip humps. Finishing out the interior is a unique two-tone seat mixture and contrasting roof center bow with optional V8 S headrest stitching.

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Now no sport model is complete without a power upgrade, so the V8 S adds some power as well as an upgraded suspension. The V8 S offers 21 bhp and 25 lb-ft more torque than the standard V8 bringing the tally up to 521 bhp and 502 lb-ft. This allows a 0.3s faster 0-60 time than the V8 with 4.6s total. With tweaks to the engine and transmission, the power is available lower in the rev range while ‘S’ mode will lock out eighth gear and give a much more spirited drive. Recalibrated Continuous Damping Control allows better performance and handling without compromising Bentley’s renowned ride comfort. The buyer can even choose optional carbon-ceramic brakes with either red or black painted calipers.

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Bentley successfully refined its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and added light styling details to create a new model with more power and a sportier appearance. Though I think the trend in adding black accents to make vehicles look sportier is rather played out, I can’t argue with the results. The new Bentley Flying Spur V8 S is still able to keep its luxurious ride and looks even with the added power and sportiness. It’s a wonderful new model I’m sure the customers at Bentley will greatly enjoy. The Flying Spur V8 S will debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show and will be available for viewing at their booth from March 1-13.

Customer deliveries begin Summer 2016. Photos courtesy Bentley Motors. Full press release available here.

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