Sublime Continental Supersports As The Fastest Thing Ever From Bentley

Back in 2003 when Bentley released their Continental GT, journalists, and car enthusiasts declared this car to be the most beautiful car in the world. 14 years later and numerous revisions later, the Continental GT still rides much in the same breath as before. Yet, we are nearing its exit and Bentley honored the world with one last all-new version – the Supersports. It is the most powerful and the fastest Continental GT of all time. Heck, it is the most powerful and the quickest Bentley ever.

The looks do it justice. Massive front intakes under the lights and fantastic black open grille greets the onlookers with a sight of menace and anger. Hood vents and side decoration only add to the visual appeal, while the most accentuated novelty resides at the back. Look at that huge wing. No, it does not look good, nor cool. That is for sure. Yet, it does point us in the right direction – this is not exactly a classic Continental GT. Actually, it is even more powerful and quicker compared to the hardcore Continental GT3-R. And that was the first Bentley ever without any wood in the cabin. Imagine that.

Graceful lines shattered with the addition of aggressive body kit make the Continental Supersport fall in a special niche of extreme grand tourers with supercar aspirations. Bentley Motors clearly looked forward to adding sports tech inside as they sourced torque vectoring from the GT3-R. The system is smart enough to break inside wheels during cornering improving the cornering speeds. Yet, Bentley reports they’ve made it less intrusive compared to the one on the GT3-R. Continuing the improvements, the Continental GT Supersports received carbon ceramic brakes and lightweight 21-inch wheels. Also, that ghastly body kit also comes as a carbon fiber addition. Luckily, it’s only optional.

Considering all the work involved, the Supersports are among the lightest Continental GT’s out there, but they tip the scales at 5027 pounds nonetheless. Massive cars for sure. Bentley did tweak the suspension too. Continental GT Supersports should sit a bit lower, but it will definitely provide a luxurious and comfortable ride as well. After all, the air suspension will even all surfaces.

Apart from the suspension tweaks, cosmetic upgrades and a splash of color on the inside, the Continental GT needed some proper power to bear the name of Supersports. Six-liter W12 with upgraded (larger) superchargers lifts the power to 700hp and 750 lb-ft of torque. No messing around here – 700 hp it is. Aventador LP700-4 level of power mind you. Sending all the power to all four wheels with 40/60 power distribution will shoot the Supersports to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. At the other end, you’re looking at 209 mph.

Reveal in Detroit saw two Bentleys unveiled. Welcome the fascinating Convertible (despite the temperature being only about 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the Motor City). The thing packs the same additional features as the Coupe, but it’s about 300 lbs heavier due to added stiffness and structural improvements. The performance does suffer, but don’t worry. Luxury Bentley will quicken you to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and give you 205 mph wind inches above the head too.

We’ll tell you the price too although only a few will buy this thing and they probably don’t bother with prices. Convertible – $325,325, Coupe – $296,025. And this before the gas-guzzler tax.


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