Studebaker is getting prepared for the revival

The U.S. Company Studebaker almost used to compete on the equal terms with the Big Three: GM, Ford and Chrysler. By 1929 the company produced about 180,000 cars a year, until the Great Depression broke out, it felt very well. However, until 1935 Studebaker remained unprofitable, and then the state of the company was highly unstable, and, by and large, the Second World War saved the firm from the collapse, which allowed at the expense of the military orders, again stand to his feet.  But it did not last for a long time. Already in 1949 there tooke place a merging of the Studebaker Company with the Packard and Hudson Companies, but this step did not bring the expected stability – by the early sixties, it became clear that the Studebaker – Packard Company would not survive. The final arrived in 16 March 1966, when the last car under the name Studebaker was released.

The attempts revive the company have been made more than once – as in 2003 there appeared a SUV Studebaker XUV, which immediately resulted a lawsuit from General Motors. GM blamed a small firm from Georgia – Avanti Motors, – which owned the rights on the brand Studebaker, of stealing someone else’s intellectual property as Studebaker XUV is really very much looked like Hummer H2.
Then the rights on Studebaker went to a businessman from Denver Rick Reed, who, after long hesitations announced, finally, the prospects for the development of the legendary brand. Reed is going to revive such cult cars as Studebaker Lark of 1957, President of 1928 and Hawk of 1957 on a new technological level. If to be more precise, all three models will be hybrids. Initially, Reed wanted to produce electric cars, because the very first car Studebaker was precisely been released back in 1902 electric car. But by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the market, he decided to abandon the venture stating that the electric cars are so far only on the beginning of the road and their time will not be soon. That is why the preference was given to the hybrid cars.
Reed does not report any technical details. And indeed he is ready to show only computer sketches of the future models of Studebaker, which, if they are able to impress, it is its very controversial design. According to Reed, the development of one of these models will begin in the near future then we can talk about the full revival of the brand Studebaker.


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