World’s Fastest Shed Hits Nearly 100 MPH

And no, it wasn’t being flung by a hurricane.

British native Kevin Nicks has an obscure passion – he’s totally obsessed with sheds. He knows how to sling a wrench, too, which is how he ended up with The Fastest Shed –: a car-shed hybrid.

Nicks stumbled upon a wrecked Volkswagen Passat and knew he couldn’t let it go to the crusher. So, he combined it with one of his beloved sheds.

The result is a 190hp AWD shack on wheels. The contraption is powered by the Passat’s original 2.8L 6-cylinder engine, but it’s far from stock. The six-pot gets a boost from a bottle of nitrous oxide, bumping the power output up by another 75hp. That’s just enough to get the 2.5-ton shed-mobile moving.

Clocking 96.8 mph at the drag strip earned Nicks’ ride the title of The World’s Fastest Shed. Of course, he may be the only one vying for that designation. After all, there aren’t many mobile sheds out tearing up the highway, at least not that we’ve seen.

Soon, Nicks hopes to shatter his record by hitting 100 mph in his shed. Hey, everyone’s got to have goals, right?


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