Sharp Third Gen Camaro With An LS3 Swap Took Only 7 Months To Restore

After the swap this 1990 Camaro now pushes 430 HP

Mike McLin has been into cars for practically his whole life and this third gen Camaro shows what he’s learned. For nearly 50 years from helping his dad to becoming an automotive painter, he was always working on projects. Eventually he worked his way up to manager and co-owner of The Restomod Store in Independence, Missouri. This is where he got a call giving him only 7 months to find and restore a car for SEMA.

Most specifically, he was called in March to build a Camaro for SEMA that takes place in early November. By the following month, he had sourced the 1990 Camaro that became what we see today. He dove right into it with his team and finished the last steps with only one week to spare.

A Front To Rear Rebuild In Only 7 Months

All of the modifications that were done to this third generation muscle car were done in metal, showing incredible skill. The quarter panels and fenders were all pulled out by an inch and a half to make room for bigger, wider wheels. The hood we see was a complete new fabrication with a vent insert from a 2015 worked in.

The front fascia remains mostly true to the original but is also a custom rebuild that lost its turn signals. The car also gained a deck blade as well as custom painting done on its eye catching tail lights.

Reworked Interior For A Comfortable Ride

On the inside we see an overwhelming amount of red in every possible place. All four seats are all redone in Ultraleather for the best in comfort while the custom dash got the same material. A flat bottomed racing wheel fits right in with the new shifter and custom paneling as well as the near authentic instruments.

New Crate Engine Making More Power

Under the hood there’s more power than one would expect when looking at a 1990 Camaro. The car now carries a 2015 LS3 that comes out of the crate with 430 horsepower at the crank. The power that this 376 cubic inch engine creates runs through a Tremec T-56 and an LS7 clutch and flywheel.

With a time limit like Mike and his team were given, we’re more than a little surprised that the result is so clean. The lines of the exterior stay true to the original with subtle changes made. Increased power makes this build ready for the track even though it was built for a show.

We think it’s an impressive build done by the team at The Restomod Store and we’re also glad they got to show it off at SEMA. Feel free to share your thoughts on this build in the comments section below as well as letting us know what your favorite Camaro generation is.

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