Scooter Thief Comes A Cropper In Taiwan!

It’s quite refreshing to see the police taking motorcycle theft seriously. I’ve never had a bike stolen from me but I’ve heard the same tale time and time again: “They don’t take motorcycle theft seriously” – luckily, the cops in Taiwan have a very different attitude. Sure, it is only a scooter chase but Jesus, this thief makes a few risky maneuvers trying to escape the pursuing cop and it’s pretty enjoyable to watch…until the abrupt ending.

I did not expect that. But despite the criminal’s relaxed attitude to safety apparel, he does get up and (on the surface) doesn’t look too bashed up. The best part of the video is his general “I’ve been caught; clap me in irons then,” approach to the cop at the end. He might’ve been caught a bit sooner if the officer was riding a Rough Crafts machine but then again, it’d be a shame to drop one of those!


As much as motorcyclists like to hate on scooter riders, this one had some moves. Similarly: as much as motorcyclists like to hate on cops, this guy went all out to catch this thief. Top marks. If only Western police forces put this much effort into tackling bike theft, then we’d all sleep a little easier.

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