Saddam Hussein Punished Son Burning Down His Supercar Collection

“This will teach you not to kill people at random”

Uday Hussein, Saddam Hussein’s son was not a good man. Actually, he was really an appalling individual known for his flamboyant lifestyle and tyrannous behavior towards everybody in his presence. In one of his tyrannous animal-like excursions in 1990, Uday attended a party. There, using some kind of fire weapon, he opened a fire killing six bodyguards and even injuring Saddam’s brother. All that after a short argument. Saddam Hussein was furious. Now, Uday was known for doing strange things even before, but that time people died.

saddam hussein cars

Saddam Hussein Taught His Supercar Loving Son A Lesson

In order to punish his son, Saddam Hussein did the only thing a good father could do – he burned Uday’s Supercar collection. And we are not talking here only about a few supercars. No, no, Saddam burned down everything – starting with a Ferrari F40, amazing Rolls-Royce machines, incredible Porsches, custom-built Mercedes-Benz cars and a bunch of other one-off cars produced only for Uday’s enjoyment.

saddam hussein cars

Guards watching over Saddam Hussein after his capture claimed he said “I was very angry with him so I burned all his cars.” Apparently, he even cheered and watched gleefully as cars burn to smithereens. Probably thinking that he successfully educated his son in “not to kill other people”.

saddam hussein cars

Writing this and researching about Uday’s lifestyle was not a pleasurable task. Sure, there were worse individuals living in this world, but had Uday became a ruler in Iraq, he would have been worse even than King Leopold II of Belgium or Vlad the Impaler.

Sure, photographs you see here do not actually show Uday’s supercar collection, but you get the picture.

saddam hussein cars

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