Russian Porsche Driver and Roid Rage

Maybe there’s something in Russia’s water or a different set of etiquette rules, but it seems an inordinate amount of the country’s drivers have been caught on camera displaying signs of extreme road rage of late. Most of the time there’s an apparent reason for the outbursts, such as being cut off in traffic or making obscene gesture through the glass. This particular video, however, captures a scene that goes beyond the definition of road rage and perhaps enters roid rage territory.

Maybe the driver of the Toyota SUV wasn’t as eager to let the white Porsche into its lane as it should have been, but no real offensive action is apparent in the footage. It just looks like the incredibly muscular man with the Porsche suddenly goes crazy, stopping in the middle of the road to physically assault the Toyota a bit behind him and in another lane entirely. This roid raging behavior must have been contagious, too, because the Toyota then rams into the Porsche in retaliation. This is an incident too senseless and violent to believe without seeing!

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