Royal Pony Express Mustang With Actually Good-Looking Forgiato Wheels

Surprise, surprise – it seems even Forgiato oversized wheels can sometimes look good on a muscle car. The proof? Take a look at this purple Ford Mustang GT with Forgiato Ventoso wheels which reflect the car’s color on their inner side. Even if someone disagrees with me on this one, everyone will likely agree it’s better-looking than this Forgiato-customized chameleon Camaro.


As far as we know, Forgiato only installed the oversized wheels and coated the muscle in shiny layer of royal purple paint. That, and they tinted the windows somewhat. Everything else seems to be stock which means the Royal Pony Express Mustang – as they have named it – features 5.0L V8 mill under its hood. This enables the Royal Pony Express to top 155 mph (electronically limited), and accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. Well, 435 motor horsepower tends to do that to a car.


Forgiato Ventoso’s are aluminum brushed, while their inner accents are blue in order to match Mustang’s paint job. Ventoso wheels with twisted spokes are available in 20, 21 and 22-inch diameter, and plenty of color configurations. They are new addition to Forgiato’s portfolio of large wheels, and there’s hardly a better introduction than fitting them on an icon like Mustang.


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Nikola Potrebić
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