Rowen Took Lexus RX F-Sport A Bit Too Far

A Lexus RX F-Sport that I think I’ll pass on

Japanese tuner Rowen International went an extra mile with this Lexus RX. And that is a mile too far. Not only did they create a rather comprehensive body kit program, but it seems that the Japanese focused on additionally accentuating the massive grille. See, the RX definitely has one of the biggest grilles in the automotive world. And now, with the front splitter and additional LEDs on the front, it looks even bigger. It just does.

Moving to the sides, the Rowen International installed massive side skirts. Not only do they feel huge, but the design seems to better fit some older cars and not an angry angular RX F-Sport. That sophisticated vibe usually nicely shown at the back has been somewhat ruined too. While we can see the RX450h having a need for a bit more relaxed lines, the Rowen additions seem to have gone too far. The final straw are the wheels. We can forgive their size. They are huge. However, we cannot forgive all the chrome on them. This simply does not fit a sophisticated car the RX supposed to be. If they gifted these to some GMC – OK. It would make sense, but the Lexus RX on such chrome wheels? Cmon.

Obviously, this kit shines on the RX450h, but Rowen International made it fully adaptable for the lesser 200t as well. In any case, the most powerful one comes with a hybrid system based on a reengineered 3.5-liter V6. With a fine electric motor, the engine churns out  308hp at 6,000 rpm with 247lb-ft (335Nm) of torque at 4,600 rpm. Also, the US customers can opt for the RX350. No 200t in the country of the brave. F-Sport package is available, though.

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