Road Raging Mustang Slams Motorcyclist to the Ground (Video)

Was that really necessary?

Country with 214 million licensed drivers (2014 data), and more than 4 million miles of road network simply has to yield a large number of road incidents. Road rage is pretty much the stupidest thing that one could pull, but it happens on a regular basis in each of USA’s 50 states. This incident that went on in Colorado Springs, Colorado a few days ago is only an example. This RAM pickup/Nissan ZX300 incident is another.

rage 1

It seems like the motorcycle driver clearly had some score to settle with the Mustang driver since he drove lateral for good 30 seconds or so. In fact, according to Joel Ha’s Youtube channel and the motorcyclist himself, the Mustang driver cut off rider’s girlfriend prior to the start of the video (you can see her pulling up in the white sedan at the end). Both drivers have been apprehended by the police later on. 21-year old Mustang driver Brian Candelaria for second degree road rage assault, and 22-year old motorcyclist Skyler Bradley for harassment. What police is trying to say is: call them instead of taking matters into your own hands.

rage 2

The video of the incident is just below. Don’t ask me anything about the music. If it suits you, crack it up. If not, mute the video and enjoy the silence, and go ask Joel Ha about the track. Even though his taste in music is questionable, you do have to give the man credit for one thing. It was this video that helped police track both parties in the incident and charge them accordingly. And he was only trying to deliver some calzones.

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