Road Rage Leads To Game of Bumper Cars (Video)

Most of us with driving license (and I believe vast majority of us here possess one) have found ourselves in road rage worthy situation on occasion or two. While some of us (yours truly included) handle it with a few words of  colorful language aimed at the other party, some drivers completely lose their cool and do something which could easily result in tragedy. As luck would have it, no one was injured this time.

rage 1

The incident happened on Highway 62, in Muskogee County. Noah Wilson and his girlfriend Gracie Bottger were driving in their Nissan 300ZX when they got rammed from behind by a driver in RAM off all cars. At least it looks like that from the camera in one of the trailing cars. The couple stated they went for a passing maneuver when truck driver slammed into them. That might be true, but if you take a look at the video of the incident, you’ll note they took their sweet time passing the car in the right lane. In fact, it seems they never actually intended to pass because they maintained the same speed for more than RAM driver was able to handle.

rage 2

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I support RAM driver’s actions. What he did was pretty much the worst thing he could have done. Still, would you be happy if someone clogged the passing lane in front of your nose and decided to camp there? That’s why I’m saying the blame for this road rage incident probably goes on both parties involved. Here’s the link to the video on its maker’s Facebook, and there’s a Youtube version below as well.

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