Road Rage Driver Swerves Into Motorcyclist!

“I don’t care” – is of course, exactly what you say after you’ve just swerved into a motorcyclist and nearly killed him and his pillion.

We spied this video a couple of days ago, but it’s a good thing we waited because “Part 2” is where the real action happens. In the first video, we’ve got two motorcyclists enjoying themselves out on the road, until the lead rider makes a bit of a poor choice: crossing over a double yellow to overtake the car in front. A driver a bit further up the road then intentionally swerves to hit the motorcyclist. That’s “Part 1”. “Part 2” is where we see the aggressive driver’s true colors…

After quickly assessing his down friends, the guy who caught all of this on film, approaches the dangerous driver. “I don’t care” was his only statement. Apparently, he said he was stung by a wasp. Obviously.

His next line of defense was a little more interesting, claiming that the motorcyclist shouldn’t have crossed the double yellow lines. A fair point, but not one that warrants swerving into him…especially when the old geezer had to cross the double yella’s himself to do so…

In the end, as it turned out, the old man was arrested on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. As for the injured rider? Stitches and gravel rash – and he almost definitely won’t be crossing the double yellows again in future.

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