Road Rage Driver Runs Biker Off The Road!

Here, we have another classic case of road rage. Again, we see an SUV driver who thinks that swerving into a motorcyclist is an acceptable course of action. In this video, we don’t get to see exactly what happens before the incident, but we can imagine that the motorcyclist is probably a little unhappy with the SUV driver, who may or may not have tried to cut him off. Then again, there’s an equally good chance that the rider is at fault, we just can’t see it. Either way, the motorcyclist displays his displeasure by hitting out at the passing car. Naturally, the Grand Cherokee driver isn’t happy about this, and promptly swerves into the Harley rider, causing him to run right off the road. It’s a miracle he managed to keep it upright.


If you look closely, you can see a police car passing by, and surely they saw this occur – but whether or not anyone got pulled for it, we don’t yet know. Whatever happens, there’s definitely some lessons to be learned here. If you’re a biker and you’re riding alongside a dangerous or careless driver, perhaps lashing out isn’t the best option. Sure, you’ve got the moral high-ground but is smacking a mirror to teach someone a lesson worth your life? Probably not. And if you’re a car driver, and a motorcyclist is winding you up and riding in an unsavory manner, turning your car into a lethal weapon trying to keep the rider in check isn’t a cool move. A move like this, in the eyes of the law, could definitely be chalked up as attempted murder.

The real moral of the story is this: road rage rarely works out well. If another road user is bothering you, and you start to feel that red mist descend, just remove yourself from the situation. It’s not worth dying for, or going to prison for, right? Just stay safe out there and share the road as best you can!

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