Road Rage: Car Passenger Pulls Gun On Bikers!

Here’s a video that’s sure to divide opinion: Was the car driver way out of line? Was the passenger justified for pulling the gun? Or were the bikers just being assholes? It’s a minefield, and no matter where you see this video, the comments section is always full of nonsense on both sides. Originally posted by YouTube user DankWheelie, who claims to have no affiliation with the riders that shot this video or were involved at all, we see a potentially deadly scene almost unfold.

It’s a case of one vehicle wanting to be where another one already is, as far as we can see it. You’ve got the BMW attempting to enter one lane, but checks himself at the last minute, and pulls back to his original lane, which has now been occupied by an opportunistic motorcyclist. Yeah, the BMW driver should have looked properly before the move in the first place, but the bikers were riding fast, and how could he have predicted the undertaking maneuver? It doesn’t even really matter, it’s easy to see the faults of either party after the event but luckily no one got hurt. It’s what happens next that worries us.



It’s the gang mentality of the bikers, the quick assault, and then the passenger appears brandishing a firearm. You can argue that the driver behaved dangerously, you can argue that the biker shouldn’t have lashed out at the BMWs wing mirror – but none of it is worth getting hurt over. The chance of an accident had passed, but the chance of a premeditated assault or shooting, was far more present. And that’s the thing worth worrying about. Live and live, I guess?

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