Road Rage And Instant Karma… (Video)

How did he NOT see that coming? Anyway, this even was caused by a big of old-fashioned road rage… We all get an attack of it at some stage in our riding career, or at least we’ve been a victim of it. In this video, this guy decides to vent his fury upon a car driver at possibly the most inopportune moment. We don’t know how hurt the fella is, but we imagine he’s suffering from a few broken bones, and some seriously wounded pride.

How he managed not to see the enormous, reflective, and occasionally illuminated, plastic bollards on the traffic island is incredible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in the UK (where this video unfolded), you might know that they’re pretty hard to miss… In most cases (and in this one) the bollards are preceded by a different colored tarmac, to give road users a head up, and they’re often accompanied with striped road markings too. How he avoided seeing them is the real mystery. What was he so angry about that he felt the need to vent his spleen to the driver? No idea. But if anyone is winning the trophy for lack of observation…this guy wins the award, hands down. We’re not saying the driver hadn’t made an error, but the rider’s error was the biggest folly of the day.


It’s a shame the passenger managed to capture the event on a device with less megapixels than a toaster, but he caught enough of it to teach us all a lesson: road rage isn’t cool…Especially when you end up flying over the handlebars in the process…

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