Rider Passes Test One Moment, Crashes The Next!

Moments after passing his bike test, this happened! Not a great start to the ol’ riding career, but at least he caught the whole thing on film and decided to share it with the world. If it were me, that footage would never see the light of day… Anyway, sit through the first thirty seconds of safe road riding and wait for it all to go down…

You can’t help but feel sorry for the guy though – remember when you guys first passed your test and how awesome it felt? I remember riding away from the test center feeling pretty happy with myself all those years ago, but fortunately, where I came from, wild animals running out on the road were a real rarity. I’m not a great outdoors-man either, so if that’s a doe rather than a deer, forgive me…but if you cut me some slack, I can write “Oh, deer!” in this article at least once, and tick the box on the necessary cliché writer form.


The guy that gave the test said…” – said what? I bet he didn’t say crash into that deer!


Fortunately, he managed to walk away, the bike isn’t too scuffed up, and the deer seems alright. And as a bonus point, he’s hit the jackpot for a great debut Moto Vlog video. Now that’s a story!

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