Rickey Gadson Hits 229.1 MPH On His 323 HP Modified Kawasaki H2!

Watch and learn how Rickey Gadson managed to clock 229.1 mph on his modified Kawasaki H2 at the Texas Mile.

If you’ve got more than a passing interest in motorcycles, you’ll know who Rickey Gadson is. The eleven time drag racing champion, performance parts manufacturer, and Caffeine And Octane star has just clocked up the highest speed recorded on a Kawasaki H2. Now, don’t get this record confused with the mind blowing record set by super sport champion Kenan Sofuoğlu – his top speed of 250 mph was set on the H2R model, under very different circumstances…

Modifying A Stock Ninja H2

Rickey Gadson’s interest in the Kawasaki H2 was first piqued back in 2015, and the introduction of that incredible machine got Gadson thinking about how far he could push the world’s most powerful production motorcycle. After deciding to leave the drag strip for a while, Gadson decided to get into the workshop and begin designing high-end performance parts specifically for the H2. He decided that the H2 could very well reach incredible speeds in a set mile, and so his new story began.

His RG62 performance parts already had quite a following, and after a request from an interested customer, things really got serious. John Paul Faircloth wrote to Rickey, saying: “I only want you to build my bike and don’t care how long it takes either as long as you build me the baddest H2 in the country,” and like a red rag to a bull, Rickey went out and built the most fearsome modified Kawasaki H2 in existence. Watch him discuss his modifications in the video below!

The modified Kawasaki H2 now sports the finest array of RG62 performance parts, such as the Performance Plus Supercharger Kit, ported cylinder heads, custom camshafts, and a selection of other goodies including a Woolich Racing box, Michelin EVO rubbers, and his own customized winglets. Thanks to the new supercharger configuration, the H2 now sports new gearing to cope with it all. All in, Rickey’s modified Kawasaki H2 shoots out 323 hp, which is far more than the 187 hp that the street legal H2 clocks. An increase of 136 hp is not to be scoffed at, and to prove how good his modifications were, Rickey put the H2 to the ultimate test: The Texas Mile.

Clocking 229.1 MPH On A Modified Kawasaki H2 With 313 HP!

Rickey was quoted talking about his run: “When I received the go-ahead from the starter, I slowly rolled the throttle through first, second and third gear, finally locking the throttle by fourth gear with the Michelin EVO tire hooking up in 4th. It wasn’t until the top of 6th gear that I realized that I was turning 200 more rpm going through the traps from previous passes and I knew it was going to be a good run.”

Thanks to his efforts, he has now clocked up the fastest trap speed set for a Kawasaki H2 over a standing mile. Now you’ve heard the talk, now watch the video of the record breaking run below!

“When I pulled up to the ticket booth the man looked at me and shook his head and gave me three copies of record-breaking tickets that read 205 mph at the half-mile mark and, unbelievably, 229.1 mph at the mile!”

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