Reviewing the Acura GS Vigor Mid-Sized Sedan Car

Japanese car imports are very well known for being of a high and impressive quality, as well as being extremely well thought out and fuel efficient drives. An adjective that you might not have heard being used that often about Japanese imports is luxurious.  That’s will soon change though with the launch of the latest Acura Vigor for 2013 – which certainly looks like a luxury vehicle developed and designed to help change that North American perception as it manages to combine many of the better elements of sporty coupe and also that of a touring sedan.  The Acura Vigor also comes with a selection of innovative technical assets which include a 5 cylinder two and a half liter engine that gives the driver a level of road performance that rivals other four-cylinder sedan imports.  Unfortunately though, the Vigor GS fails when it comes to matching higher level luxury sedans because its interior is too small, and in fact an inch short of what its main competitors offer.

The Acura’s External Design Could Be Better

Looking at the external aspects of the GS Vigor, it does definitely meet North American expectations though – as it retains a superb finish in the legendary Japanese car tradition.   The back fenders and trunk also help to accentuate the style due to the up swept rear styling.  There are oversized tail-lights which are wrapped around the rear fenders and the side molding duplicates that seen on the protected side of the Acura’s body color bumper vinyl.  The car has a nicely well rounded and uniform appearance.

The Acura Vigor springs a few words to mind such as “well organized” and definitely “elegant” especially when you check out the interior of this Japanese sedan. You will see that the thick steering wheel is well nicely arranged into the instrument panel which contains the speedo, tachometer, gas and temperature – all of which are presented using white needles and images on a dark back panel making them easy to read.  In addition to that, the displays also have a host of warning lights alerting you to almost anything you can imagine that could or might go wrong with your car.

Great Ride and Handling Performance

When you compare this Acura to earlier Japanese imports from five years ago, the Acura Vigor GS does match up to what North American buyers are probably looking for in a luxury sedan – for example a great ride, smooth handling, efficient sound isolation and quick road performance.  It’s fait to say that none of the previous generation four-cylinder Acuras would be able match the performance that you get from the new GS Vigor’s five-cylinder, twenty valve, 176 horse power engine.  During independent road tests, this new car is able to accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour at a speed you would expect from a quick sports sedan.

Shifting is smooth and effortless with the five-speed manual gear box. Even at low cruising speeds through a parking lot can be quite fun thanks to the inclusion of a wide range of gears. Turn and maneuvers are fast and stable helped by the sophisticated, Acura Vigor GS’s double-wishbone, four-wheel independent suspension which helps to smooth things out.

Quietly Efficient Sedan from Acura

On the open road wind, engine and road noise does not penetrate to the interior at any speed. And bumps, knocks and shocks of the road are almost non-existent even when driving over rough, down city streets and highways.

Acura has also added some thoughtful extra touches, like a visor over the small mirror to reduce headlight glare. However, this car will probably fall short of becoming one of North America’s favorite mid-size sedans.

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