Reminder: “Ride To Work Day” Is Coming Up Soon!

Share this! At Gear Heads, we know that most of you don’t need a reason to go out for a ride on your  bikes, but Monday 20th of June is International Ride To Work Day – so spread the word and get everyone you know on two wheels at least for that one special day on the calendar. Ride To Work Day isn’t just about enjoying your regular commute to work; it’s about raising motorcycle awareness, and the positive values of riding on two wheels. The more people riding on the road, the more car drivers and other road users will have to pay attention, and of those that pay attention, hopefully some of them will remember that we’re people too! The amount of motorcycle deaths caused by negligent car drivers (nationally and internationally) is a shocking statistic, and one that doesn’t seem to dropping in value anytime soon. Hopefully, the more awareness that can be generated, the safer our roads will be!

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a beefy sports bike, or a humble scooter – it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re on it, that you ride to work, and that you tell your rider friends about it. Any amount of motorcycle awareness is a good thing, but the more the merrier, we reckon.

Ride To Work is a 501 c4 non-profit and international, volunteer effort. By riding to work, you’re not helping some stupid organization, you’re only helping yourselves and the rest of the riding community. So lock the date in your head – set a reminder – just be sure to take your motorcycle to work on Monday June 20th!

Check out the website here for more information, or alternatively, you can spread the word by printing off or sharing these pictures and flyers below! Enjoy!

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