Red Bull Toyota Camry Nascar Can Be Yours For 30 Grand

It is in like-new condition with a 700hp+ motor in

If you ever dreamt of owning an awesome Nascar racer, now is your chance. We have here a cool Red Bull Toyota Camry Nascar from 2008 with the number 83. The car has been in continuous racing use from 2008 to 2012 competing in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series (now Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series). Brian Vickers sat behind the wheel leading this monster machine to five pole positions and one finish at fifth place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Camry Nascar

Now, however, the car heads to the Auctions America Auburn Spring sale in Indiana.

Red Bull Toyota Camry Nascar Fully Restored

Camry Nascar

Scheduled to hit the auction block later this month, this particular Nascar racer is one of a few fine racing cars that will appear at the auction. More importantly, the Red Bull Toyota Camry Nascar has been thoroughly restored and brought to like-new condition. Gene Felton Racing restored the car back in 2012 when it was sold to a private owner after finishing the season and stopping all of its racing efforts. Transformation and restoration included a reprogram of the suspension and the transmission now set up for road courses. However, Auctions America Auburn Spring did note that the car is not road legal. After all, it needs to have a number of other “regular-car” additions to get the license plates.

Camry Nascar

This Nascar Racer Could Go For Cheap

It will probably fetch a price in the range of $30k to $35k which isn’t exactly expensive. And that for a car which achieved the 14th place finish at Sonoma, and the 18th place finish at Watkins Glen with Red Bull livery like this.

Camry Nascar

As expected, this Car of Tomorrow body shape features 5.86-liter pushrod V8 built by Toyota Racing Development. It gives out more than 700 hp channeled through a four-speed gearbox. You can probably imagine how fast is it.

Camry Nascar

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