Rare Four Door Corvette Conversion Selling For $65,000 On eBay

When it comes to low mileage classics, we’re expecting to see something that was common in its day. However, this four door Corvette is something entirely novel with only six ever having existed. It took some work to get it from stock to here, but it’s still a rarity going for a solid price.

From Two Doors To Four

Starting its life as a coupe in 1979, this Corvette soon went under the knife, or rather it and another did. It took the combination of two entire cars to make this conversion happen with a 30 inch wheelbase stretch. Powering the more family friendly muscle is a 350 V8 sporting only 55,565 original miles on the odometer.

Instead of latches for the doors on the exterior, the A pillar on the driver’s side features a keypad. While this feature does smooth out the look of the body, the security it provides is questionable. It also has the hatchback type rear window that later Corvettes started featuring since 1982.

Current Condition and Selling Price

At the moment, a quick glance at the four door reveals that time has not been kind to it. There’s obvious signs that it has been some time since it was last pampered. That’s not a terrible downfall though because it’s not so far gone as to be unrecoverable in the right hands.

At the moment, the eBay listing has the four door 1979 Corvette listed at $65,000 for the opening bid. It’s rarity has increased since other four door models have been destroyed by owner disregard and collisions. This one of six similar models should have no problem selling based on similar sales in the recent past.

Just a few months ago, a similar build was also sold through eBay with a winning bid of $300,000. Meanwhile, about five years ago, another went up for sale and brought in a rather impressive half million dollars. We’d love to see this car go to the right place for restoration and see the final results!

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