Rare Confederate Wraith B210 Hits The Auctions: Bids Start At $60k

If you’ve ever wanted to own a limited edition Confederate Wraith B210, then you’d better get down to Las Vegas and put a bid on this wild machine. We don’t need to tell you who Confederate Motorcycles are, we don’t need to explain their unbelievable build quality or their meticulous attention to details. We don’t even need to mention their incredibly unique design aesthetic…because everyone knows exactly who Confederate are, and what they stand for. However, if we had to sum the company and their motorcycles up in one word, it would have to be “exclusive.”

The exclusivity of their motorcycles is legendary, and even if you’ve got the cash in your bank account, it doesn’t guarantee that you can own one of their machines. Like true artists, they like to keep things special, and only deal in limited editions and small batches. So when one goes to the auctions, it really is worth talking about. And that’s what’s happening tomorrow (January 26th 2017). At Bonham’s Las Vegas Auction, one of the ultra-rare Wraith B120 – one of only 100 ever made – will be going under the hammer.

The Wraith comes equipped with a JIMS Harley-esque V-twin powerplant that displaces 1,967cc of pure joy, and a very respectable 125 hp at the rear wheel. The power is delivered through a belt drive and a five speed gearbox. The engine work is impressive, and we’ll touch more on that in a minute, but for now, let’s talk about the bodywork.

The aircraft-inspired chassis features a carbon fiber spine, aluminum bulkheads, and hides the fuel tank out of sight under the engine. The front suspension is a girder-style affair, and there’s a rear monoshock at the back that holds on to a beautifully crafted, single-sided aluminum swingarm. The actual stylistic elements have been kept to the bare minimum, and the less is more approach really works. Other cool features include FD four piston brakes at the front, with Brembo two-piston calipers at the rear, and of course, a pair of super lightweight Marchesini wheels to top it off.

Thanks to the use of lightweight components, and the impressive engine specifications, the Wraith is capable of performing some incredible feats. Back in 2008, one of the limited edition numbers managed to clock a top speed of over 166 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, setting a new record in the A-PF 2000cc pushrod/unfaired class…smashing the old record of 141 mph by quite the margin… So, for all those who call their bikes “nice sculptures,” thing again. In fact, call them performance art instead. They can do both, and do both well.

And that’s why it’s a rarity to see one go to auction. The bidding starts at $60,000 and if you’re the lucky person to ride away on this bad boy, you’ll join an exclusive club with a membership that includes Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Bruce Springsteen… $60,000 might be the starting price, but we think it’s going to go for a lot higher than that…

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