Rare 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta Headed To Auction For $9.5 Million

We’ve seen more than a few restored vintage cars head to auctions and hit astounding sale prices. In this case, we have a car that was part of a very limited production and has hit 55 years of age. The Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta is a great reminder of classic design and style.


These cars were instant collector’s items because only 176 of these little beauties were ever built. The one headed for auction has the chassis numbered 2639 GT and will be up for grabs in March 2017. Those looking to buy it will have to attend RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island Concours just off the northeastern shore of Florida.

While the car has undergone a nose to tail restoration, it maintains its original form factor. As a contender in many different race events, this car is a true contender that could easily take home prizes. Of course, that also requires a talented driver but having the car is the first step towards that. If it isn’t going to build its racing career, it would still make a great historic showroom piece to preserve.

Coming from the factory with the Lusso package on the exterior gave this unique vehicle an even more uncommon look. Its aluminum deck lid and hood are friendly to road driving as well as being tracked. For the time, the venting in the roof and fenders were a feature not often seen anywhere. The short wheelbase lends itself to tight handling as well as quick acceleration and easier braking.

After rolling off the production line, it went directly to a collector in Italy because of its inherent value. The car has also been a part of privately owned collections in both California and Texas. In the 80s, it made its way back across the Atlantic Ocean to live in Europe again. Now it’s back in the US again thanks to the current owner’s acquisition in 2011.

This Berlinetta has won several awards in its long life as a well cared for collector’s item across several countries. It holds a Platinum Award from the Cavallino Classic XXV as well as the Ferrari Club of America. On top of those, it also won the Concorso Italiano Best in Show award as well.

While the price may seem a little steep, there are collectors out there who wouldn’t think twice about it. For a slice Italian automotive history and a potential to be an international race winner, it could be a small price. When the weekend of March 10-11, 2017 comes, we’ll see just how much people are willing to put down for a rare classic Ferrari.

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