Ram Gave 1500 Copper Treatment While The 2500 And 3500 Got A Cool Night Package

Preparing for the 2017 Chicago Auto Show RAM introduced special editions of its famed pickup trucks. Colorful Copper Sport edition gets more bling and shine to 1500, while the nice, cool and refined Night Package lays on the 2500 and 3500.

Interestingly enough, the Cooper Pearl paint on the Cooper Sport feels like something really special. And it does not only improve the looks of the 1500, but RAM limited the Cooper Sport to 3,000 units. The special finish isn’t the only difference compared to the other 1500 RAMs. See, the company drizzled its interior with a lot of cool details. Orange decorates the dash trim, the seats and the vent surrounds. Then, there’s a black headliner closely matching the orange and black theme of the outside.

Copper Sport rides on 22 inch polished aluminum wheels (for the RWD), but the real exterior centerpiece may be black double stripe and black badges. Small details for sure, yet, extremely suggestive. This isn’t your standard 1500. Oh, no. Available with the Crew Cab only, the Ram 1500 Copper Sport starts at $46,950. With a 5.7 liter V8 of course. And yes, opting for the all-wheel drive will also get one smaller wheels (20-inches of aluminum).

As expected, RAM already takes orders for the thing. It will land to showrooms later this month, though.

Moving up to more robust 2500 and 3500, RAM introduced the Night Package. Really, it follows the suit as we have seen a multitude of Night/Black packages over the last few years. From everyone really. These received a number of black details including the addition of the blacked out grille, blacked front lights and black rear view mirror covers. Cool stuff for sure. Then, there’s the whole tinted windows thing. All that with a striking white exterior finish. Looks fine.

RAM loaded it up with posh equipment too. Welcome the 2500 with 10-way power seats, dual-zone climate control, and flat black door. And then some badges, power-adjustable pedals and a price of $46,840 after destination. Available only with an RWD, but with motor options of 5.7-liter or 6.4-liter Hemi V8, or even a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel, Night Edition cars will be available later this month. If white isn’t your thing, choose between silver, white, black, red pearl and granite crystal.

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