Precision Riding From The French Motorcycle Police (Video)

And now for a lesson in precision riding from France’s National Police Motorcycle Training Center – otherwise known as the CNFM-PN. If you’re into synchronized riding, a bit of sophisticated moto gymkhana, or just like looking at well-choreographed scenes, then you should get a kick out of this.

Here, we have a routine being performed that celebrates the end of the training center’s semester. Forget gowns, caps, and diplomas, because these guys are all about showing off what they’ve learned rather than getting a simple award. And it seems like they’ve learned a lot! We’ve seen precision riding from the Japanese motorcycle police before (and a bizarre parade from the Indian police too) but we reckon the French have the edge this time ‘round.

If you’re interested in what else the French bike cops have to offer, they actually have a whole host of videos on their YouTube channel that show various sides of their training regime… Yeah, they’ve got some cool videos of their maneuvers, but they also have a few light hearted moments too. The video that features the Paris cops giving Santa Claus (or Pere Noel to our French friends) an armed escort around the city is particularly cool.

Now, who’s going to round up their buddies and this weekend and try and choreograph something of this caliber? Take this warning though: riding in a tight, time-coordinated formation isn’t as easy as it looks… Oh, and you need genuine BMW R1200RT and R1150RT police bikes for the sake of authenticity too…

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