Porsche TechArt 911 CS & Turbo S Is More Of Everything

Surely, the Porsche has magnificent and super fast cars. The cars ordinary people find exciting and a bit ridiculous. However, unusual people need more. A lot more and that is where the tuners, such as TechArt kicks in. They recently revealed all-new wheels for the fantastic looking Porsche Cayman but a few months before the work on the much larger project started. They ventured out to improve on the 911 Carrera S and Turbo S. These two, as the most appealing cars in the Porsche 911 lineup already have conventional weapons under their rear hatch. TechArt went on to improve on it quite considerably.


Installing Techtronic Powerkit the power of the Turbo S will grow to fantastic 630hp. Considering the 911 has all wheel drive, this will easily be enough to make it as fast as hypercars. So, Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 GTB is a bit slower actually. As the tuning kit is crafted for the newest 991.2  911 cars (which are all turbocharged), TechArt had to remap the ECU and that is actually it. True, maybe a new air intake and air filter got in, but the 60hp and 96 lb-ft of torque is all the Techart gave to the Turbo S and interestingly to the Carrera S as well. The less powerful one now acts with 480hp.


As you may imagine, the kit is available for any Porsche 911 (that includes S Cabriolet, 4S and 4S Cabriolet). To differentiate the kit from other similar upgrades, TechArt made something cool with it. The driver can actually turn it on or off via steering wheel gear selectors or via a special switch on the console. And yes, the thing will work regardless of the mode selected (normal, sport, or sport plus). Neat.


Sure, this does not exactly sell for low bucks. $4,400 is what TechArt asks for this. But that is not it. Spice the things up with the cool exterior kit which include a front splitter, a rear spoiler, and a carbon air outlet. Sure, ask and TechArt will gladly add much more of the new aero hardware. And stripes. Of course.

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