Porsche Cayman’s Over The Top Body Kit Is Like A Render Come To Life

We’re used to seeing what digital artists are willing to do to vehicles through their art style. This Porsche Cayman brings that level of design insanity to the real world. Its over the top wide body kit and lowered stance are both impressive and aggressive.


While there aren’t any details on whether there are any performance upgrades done or whether it’s all visual and suspension. Even if left stock under the hood, it would still sport 300 horsepower and have a 0-60 of 3.9 seconds.

Suspension and Features

All we know right now comes from the teaser pictures that have been released so far. Lowered suspension brings it down so low that its front lip is sitting on the dried leaves.

It also carries an outrageous green roll cage on the inside as well as a set of Recaro racing seats. Hidden away inside the sharp white wheels are a set of Brembo brakes done in a green that matches the roll cage.

Widy Body Kit and More

The wheel arches are flared to an outrageous degree to contain the madness of its super wide tires. Those tires look to be Toyo’s R888 competition rubber which is designed for road and performance racing. These are connected with a unique set of side skirts and rounded out with entirely revised front and rear bumpers.

The spoiler on the trunk lid is a new shape for this car that compliments the flow built by the rest of the car. Overall, the impression is that we have both a show ready Cayman as well as a track challenger. Running down the list of brands on the side of the car, we can only guess at further upgrades.

We look forward to seeing and hearing more from this car in the future. Whether it’s going to be at shows being shined or burning off its wide rubber on the track, we want it all. Let us know what you think of this over the top body kit that almost completely reworks the Porsche Cayman.


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