Porsche Cayman Powered by Mustang’s 5.0L Coyote V8 (Video)

Only recently I’ve written about 20 ridiculous engine swaps which look as complicated as it gets. Although this one didn’t appear on the list, it certainly has all the prerequisites to make the next such list. It’s not everyday a Porsche owner decides to swap its beautifully built flat-six for a V8, but it does happen on occasion. For once, pretty much every single V8 is bigger and taller than any of Porsche’s flat-sixes. Then, who would actually voluntarily take the risk of discarding what’s basically the peak of German engineering for anything else in the world – even if it’s equally high-end Coyote V8?


Obviously, the owner of this first generation Porsche Cayman has a different opinion on the matter. He obviously needed more power, and has decided that the engine swap is the way to go. Power By The Hour Performance based in Boynton Beach, Florida did the dyno testing on it. According to them, Coyote powered Porsche Cayman generates 428 horsepower and 364 lb-ft of torque at rear wheels. That’s quite an increase over Cayman’s stock figures of 257 hp and 218 pound-feet of twist. And that’s the strongest version of the first-gen Cayman as well.


If you take a good look at this Porsche Cayman, you’ll note that Mustang’s V8 clearly sticks out of its mid-rear engine compartment. Not only that Coyote’s top sticks out of Cayman’s engine compartment, but the air filter carries over to the trunk. Not like the Porsche owners have any particular use for their trunks anyway.


The Video is below.

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