This Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Will Leave you Begging for a Comeback

Finally, a Firebird Concept That Isn’t just a Dolled-Up Camaro

Introduced in 1967 and last seen in 2002, the Pontiac Firebird is one of the few iconic American muscle cars we haven’t seen a modern revival of. While there have been some coach-built TransAms coming out of the woodwork, they’re really just glorified Camaros. The Pontiac Firebird TT Concept, however, is a completely refreshed, unique design.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Front 3/4

Created by freelance Russian designer Kasim Tlibekov, this stunning Firebird concept fits right in next to our modern-day Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers while still maintaining its own unique look. With a definitively modern design, the Firebird TT Concept features a square front grille that reminds us of the Challenger in some ways and is akin to that of the 1970-73 second generation Firebird.

The bodywork on this car is absolutely gorgeous; with sleek, sloping curves and properly wide hips, this thing is the perfect tribute to the former glory of the Pontiac Firebird.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Rear 3/4I will admit, though, the back end needs a bit of work. The louvers are a nice touch, but I think a slightly lower angle and lower profile would do a lot of favors to make the back a bit sleeker. I’m also not sure how I feel about the rear underbody; it definitely holds fashion with the rest of the design but is at least a little bit off-putting.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Lip SpoilerWhile the headlights seem to be well-hidden behind the mesh grille, we do see some nice accent LED foglights lending themselves to a crisp, clean appearance. While some of these renderings feature a clean, street-inspired design, we also get some track-day goodies like this aggressive front-lip spoiler to give us a nice dragstrip-ready feel. To further bring the concept into the modern age, you’ll notice that rear-facing cameras have replaced the traditional wing mirrors.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept RearDespite my earlier grievances with the rear end, I will say that the taillight design is quite good and very reminiscent of the old-school first-gen Firebird. Even if the underbody looks a bit wonky, overall, it really is a sexy design.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Rear WingWe’ve even been treated to an intense and absolutely massive underbody aero-kit and gargantuan rear wing to help sort out some of the confusion on the rear end. At this point, it looks like the only thing this monster is missing is the dragstrip parachute.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept ProfileWhile we didn’t get any specs for this modern-day Firebird, we think that a twin-turbo six-cylinder would do just fine. Some might prefer a naturally-aspirated V8 with an inappropriately large displacement, but personally, I’d swap two cylinders for two turbos any day of the week.

The profile of the Pontiac Firebird TT Concept is really where the magic happens. Luckily, Tlibekov saw fit to add on those wicked aero pieces for the final profile shot, and the louvers look pretty damn good from here too.

Pontiac Firebird TT Concept Front 3/4 Pose

We can’t get our hopes too high though because, at the end of the day, this is still just a render from an independent designer. That being said, we’re really hoping that this design makes it to the right person’s desk at GM. Maybe someday the Firebird will get the revival it deserves, but for now, we’ll just have to drool over this one instead.

What do you think about the Firebird TT Concept? Love it? Hate it? Think it looks just like every other muscle car? Let us know in the comments below!

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