Police GT-R Interceptor Still Roaming Highways In Japan (Video)

Here in the US, we’re used to seeing boring sedans and the occasional muscle car as police cruisers. While there are the odd times when a department gains a cooler car, we’re no Japan. Here we have a video of a driver catching sight of the rare R34 Skyline GT-R Interceptor.

Japan has never been shy about having police cars that Western forces would never dream of. Among their ranks are a Subaru Impreza WRX STi and a Mazda RX-7 as well as a Mazda RX-8. They also carry a Honda NSX, a model seen in North America under the Acura brand. Given all of these examples and those we didn’t mention, the GT-R Interceptor doesn’t seem out of place at all.

While the car with the camera had to be careful in how they caught up, they eventually get a great shot. It looks like the police in Japan aren’t letting their Skyline Interceptor go to waste. This is a sight for sore eyes as this car seems to be seen less often than it used to be. It’s even difficult to track down pictures because it’s nearly a legend of the road.

Unless this is a very detailed replica, the working lights give it away as the real deal. There’s also the fact that impersonating an officer tends to be illegal practically everywhere. It’s nice to see this unusual but magnificent machine still in action on the highways of Japan.

Thankfully there are sharp eyed people out on the highways to spot cool sights like this. Check out the full video below and let us know what you think of this mechanical unicorn. While you’re at it, feel free to tell us about the coolest emergency vehicle you’ve ever seen in person.

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