Phastek Performance Finished The First Lowered 2017 Camaro ZL1

If there’s been a 2017 Camaro lowered before this one, we haven’t seen it yet. Therefore, Phastek is getting the credit for doing it first and they did it so well too. It all started with a customer with less than 1000 miles on the odometer who needed a visual change.

The small change in the stance makes the 650 horsepower car look even more aggressive than it does at stock. The customer wanted a lower look that was still functional enough to not scrape in his driveway. The effect is noticeable but subtle enough that it doesn’t take attention away from the rest of this good looking car.

While their measurements were taken on an uneven surface, they show just how much the drop ended up being. This means that there are some minor variables in the before and after measurements that were taken.

From the ground to the top of the fender, all four corners came in between 28 3/4″ and 29 inches. After their changes, the rears both came down 3/4 of an inch while the fronts dropped off by more than 1″. Part of that change includes tires with a smaller diameter on the front so the lowering isn’t all coil based.

Since there’s a magnetic ride suspension in the latest Camaro ZL1, there’s debate as to whether this affects the dampers. If it does, the road feel of the ZL1 may become more severe. Of course, there are always going to be people who care more about the look than the performance. Right below we have the side by side that shows the stock level as well as the lower after shot.

While these cars have only started to be delivered this month, tuners like Phastek Performance are already all over it. We think of Hennessey right away because of their five stage kit that pushes over 1000 horsepower. Let us know what you think of the first ever lowered 2017 Camaro ZL1 in the comment section!


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