Pedestrian Paralysis: Like A Deer In The Headlights…

The only thing worse than a bad decision is a bad decision followed by a ‘non’ decision. If you’re a stalwart follower of viral motorcycling mishaps, then you’ll be familiar with this classic situation. A pedestrian attempts to cross the road without due care and attention, only to suddenly realize that they’ve made a grievous error and FAIL to do anything about it. It’s the classic deer in the headlights scenario.

This poor biker managed to do the only thing he could: slow down as quickly and safely as possible before resigning himself to the oncoming accident. You can’t swerve around a target with an unclear direction or trajectory, so the poor rider could do little else…and to be fair, the law is on his side here.

Pedestrians, do us a favor and cross the road properly – it’s not a big ask. Jaywalking may not be illegal in a lot of places but come on – crossing the road safely is a fairly basic skill. Now, I can’t quite see if there is a smartphone in the pedestrians hand but I wouldn’t be surprised. ‘Stop! Look! Listen! Live!’ that’s an old slogan from the UK and one worth remembering…is what we’d say to anyone below the age of ten. Adults though? You should know this shit by now!

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