Oberdan Bezzi’s Ducati SuperSport Concept

You’d never think that a Scrambler frame could look so SuperSport, right?

Well, November is nearly upon us and down in Milan, at EICMA, Ducati are going to unveil some seriously menacing machines. Sadly, this won’t be one of them. This is a concept drawing from Oberdan Bezzi, an independent automotive designer from Riccione, Italy. With a vast portfolio full of redesigned and reimagined machinery from some of the great Italian brands, including Bimota, Laverda and Aprilia, Bezzi turned his attention to Ducati and produced this.


It’s not exactly a SuperSport but it certainly could be a descendant from the real Ducati SuperSport. And if you want to be picky, then leave the bike’s name out of it too; it’s called the Superlight, which many a cunning linguist will notice is the direct English translation of Superleggera, which is something else completely. Let’s not make this more confusing than it needs to be: it’s just a name, ok?

The really interesting feature of this concept is the platform that it’s built upon; if you take a quick look at the Ducati Scrambler here and compare the two pictures, there are a lot of similarities. The most striking similarity is the frame, which in reality would probably need a bit more work to support a SuperSport shape but full marks for effort. The engine, which also looks decidedly scrambler, is actually an older Monster unit, which would give enough speed and power to raise a few eyebrows. Sure, it’s not going to be able to compete with anything on the Panigale roster but as design and technology go, this could be a supreme gem of a machine. Of course, it would need some proper sport springs and road orientated tires.

It would also be a fairly cheap way of cracking into the lighter sportsbike department; a machine with the looks, maneuverability and performance of a Ducati, with a cheaper price tag. Once again, it’s only a concept and it’s not particularly wild enough to win hearts and minds but the thought is definitely what counts here.

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