Newly Restored Ferrari F40 Burns To A Wreck On Its Maiden Drive

It’s a sad thing seeing this Ferrari F40 completely destroyed by fire. Perhaps sadder still is the fact that it didn’t even survive its first drive after the full restoration. While it’s a big loss financially for the long seeing as these luxury machines are well over a million in cost, the sentimental value is perhaps the biggest loss. Images of this destroyed supercar surfaced online recently catching the attention of many. The expensive machine remains a wreck and as seen from the photos by Paul500, is in a recovery yard in the United Kingdom.



The photos currently on Ferrari Chat are heartbreaking without a doubt, and the circumstances revolving around this unfortunate incident are yet unknown. With nothing salvaged from the wreck, we can only hope that the car passengers weren’t hurt. The fire was so bad that the car had to be written off as a category A, meaning that the chassis has to be destroyed with only the salvageable parts remaining.

With Ferrari F40 being the first series-production car to go beyond the 200 mph barrier, it is no surprise that this model is hugely celebrated and has thousands of fans worldwide. Launched in 1987, the all-carbon fibered body F40 is powered by a 2.8 liter, twin-turbo V8 engine, produces 471 hp/352kw and weighs a little over 3000 pounds.



A Ferrari catching fire is not unheard of with a few of its parts, mainly the ignition coils and rubber fuel bladders,  known as weak spots according to Ferrari Chat’s forum member Frefan.

This Ferrari is just one among 1311 F40s produced between 1987 and 1992. However, seeing one reach its end in this way is very sad. Regarded as one of the last cars to be built unhampered by regulations and driver aids, this model is a favorite of many, especially since it was the last car Enzo Ferrari signed off himself. Our hearts go out to the owner of this particular Ferrari F40. It definitely blows seeing your newly restored F40 not survive beyond its maiden drive.





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