New Honda Civic Type R Rear-Ended On Drive Home From Dealership

Brutal Timing Ruins Brand-New Honda Civic Type R

Sometimes when the crap hits the fan, it hits hard. For one Honda Civic owner, it hit hard from behind. Greg Ellingson, the disgruntled new owner, had gone through some planning and forethought to obtain his new car. After a few short hours, the vehicle was totaled and his dream came temporarily screeching to a stop. The car that hit him however, didn’t even hit the brakes.

Ellingson flew from Philly to Boston to retrieve his favored model of Civic, the Type R, and was enjoying his new ride on a drive back to his home in Philadelphia.  While at a stop, a vehicle approaching from behind failed to see the line of cars in front of him. The impact pushed Ellingson and his new Civic an entire car’s length forward into the vehicle in front of him. If that isn’t brutal enough, the wrecked Civic only had 151 miles on it.

Sadly, the back window of this beautiful new Type R was broken in far before the engine ever got its chance. Losing something you put so much effort and planning into simply because someone wasn’t paying attention, however, is even sadder. With insurances likely stepping forward, the time and energy lost can only be forgotten. Hopefully Mr. Ellingson will be moving on with a new Civic soon.

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