It’s on! New Ford Bronco Development Has Begun in Australia

When you think of it, that doesn’t really come as a surprise. Revived Bronco that was officially announced couple of months ago should be based on Ford Ranger pickup chassis. The same Ford Ranger that was pulled from the US market after the 2012 model year. Luckily, Ranger remained very much alive and well in the land down under (and around 180 other overseas markets), and we now get to reap the rewards of that sort of development.


Ford T6 chassis which is supposed to underpin the new Bronco was also developed in Oz land. Ford Asia-Pacific Product Development Center in Victoria will thus, only continue what they started less than a decade ago. This is what I meant when I said Bronco development in Australia actually makes sense. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be built there as well, however. We already know that US-bound T6 Ford Ranger and revived Ford Bronco will be built right here, in the Michigan Plant. The main thing is – the development has begun. Not only that, but there have been alleged sightings of the next-gen Ranger and Bronco test mules around the facility too. I’d bet it was only Ranger, though, as it’s still too early for Bronco.


One apparent downside of Australia leading the Ford Bronco development is the choice of engines. In-line four and in-line five petrol and diesel mills available in T6 Ranger would be the most obvious candidates for Bronco engines too. US market, however, can almost certainly expect a V6 option (probably EcoBoost). But, should we be exhilarated that we’ve avoided anemic diesels and four bangers from the land of Oz? Not when there’s no V8 around. At least as an option.


While 2020, which is the projected year for Bronco’s US launch, is still far away – we already know Blue Oval’s next big thing will come later than its direct opponents. And that should be next-gen Jeep Wranglers – especially the upmarket versions like the current Rubicon. This development might cost Ford some part of the market share, but I highly doubt it’ll have much of an impact on overall future Ford Bronco sales. If they build it right, that is. While we eagerly await further info on the next-gen Ford Bronco, feel free to take a look at what we think it can’t afford not to have (minus the full-size pickup platform which obviously isn’t happening).

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