You Won’t Believe That This Mustang Ram Mashup Exist

A Sheik Owns It And It Will Be A Part Of His Amazing Personal Collection

This happens when one has too much time on your hands. This is an unlikely mash-up between the Ford Mustang and the Ram pickup. Mustang Ram mash-up if you will. You’ve read that right. Someone thought combining these two would result in an epic creation. And it did. Now, some may like it and others won’t, but the fact is that this thing looks unique. A man behind this is none other than Sheik Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. Some may know him as the Rainbow Sheik. Among other things, he has one of the most amazing car collections ever. Scroll down the page to see it on video and be amazed.

Mustang Ram Mash Up

But for now, let’s get back to this Mustang Ram mash-up.

Ram 4×4 capable chassis sits under the body which was clearly inspired by the latest Mustang. Some of the parts are actually sourced from the pony-car, but majority of the thing has been sculpted, molded and cast out for the final product

Mustang Ram Mashup Is Not Something Regular People Would Think Of

Mustang Ram Mash Up

The man behind the work is Hussain Albagali who does things old school. Forget about computers and advanced measuring techniques. This guy makes the stuff by hand. He shapes and molds separate pieces finally covering them with fiberglass which will eventually become a print for the metal parts.

Mustang Ram Mash Up

Obviously, this Mustang Ram mash-up is as crazy as it sounds. Everything looks off about this car. Including wire wheels from the Thirties. Really, we cannot even conceive how one may imagine this thing. It’s staggering, to say the least.

Mustang Ram Mash Up

So, now sink into this video and see for yourself what kind of machines this sheik has. It’s a bit bizarre.

Mustang Ram Mash Up

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