Mulliner Bentley Continental GT With Monster Audio

Professional athletes and musicians looking for bling to park in their garage would certainly be attracted to the Mulliner Bentley Continental GT V8 S unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada last January.

Bentley and Monster debut “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S

Mulliner is Bentley Motors’ coach-building division based in Crewe Bentley and Monster debut “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S-2in the United Kingdom. Its sole purpose is to take Bentley luxury cars like the Continental, Flying Spur, Bentayga, and Mulsanne to the next level of ultimate luxury. It does this by creating special limited editions that even the richest man or woman on Earth would covet.

In this case, the craftsmen of Mulliner partnered with Monster, an innovative, 35-year old manufacturer of high-end audio products that audio and music aficionados from all over the world crave.

Bentley and Monster debut “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S

The focus of the Mulliner Bentley Continental GT is the audio system that includes 16 Monster speakers feeding on 3,400-watts of power generating an awesome pure sounding audio package. The system certainly lives up to the audio maker’s motto, “Always Lead, Never Follow.”

The artists at Mulliner took a look at Monster’s logo and then based Bentley and Monster debut “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S-1their design on it, including distinctive 3-D laser-etched fascia panels complementing the piano black finish of the interior. They also included Monster’s motto: “Always Lead, Never Follow” and “Monster by Mulliner” embroidered into the headrests that are part of GT design seats. In addition, to boost the luxury appeal even more, there’s a special compartment where Monster’s newest 24K gold wireless headphone is stored.

Other details of the interior of the Mulliner Bentley Continental GT were borrowed from the Monster company business card including Bentley-x-Monster-Bentley-Continental-GT-V8-S-Mulliner-red-interior-960x540the Monster-pattern design and the red, black and silver color scheme.

The exterior serves as the perfect cocoon for the luxuries inside and includes Onyx colored paint emphasized by Hotspur accents and a totally unique body kit comprising of a radiator shell bezel, gloss black polished wheels with red brake calipers, and black hood with stylized vents.

The results of the collaboration add up to a one-of-a-kind special edition that is desired by all who see – and listen to it.

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