Motorcyclist Spots His Stolen Bike, Confronts The Rider, And Gets It Back!

If you saw your stolen bike, what would you do?

If you’ve ever had a bike stolen, you’ll know exactly how much it sucks. The guy in this video, however, was fortunate enough to be reunited with his lost bike after two years! Bike thefts are on the up, and the thieves are more brazen than ever, so make sure you keep your pride and joy under lock and key, otherwise those thieves might come a-knocking. If you’re lucky though, you be fortunate to cross paths with your old machine again, just like this guy did.


Whilst out on a casual ride, this eagle eyed rider spied his long lost motorcycle in the hands of another guy, just across the parking lot from where they were parked up. After successfully identifying the bike, the bike’s original owner and his brother decided to confront the guy riding the stolen motorcycle. Upon closer inspection, it was clear that it was the stolen bike, thanks to a few well-placed stickers, a couple of mismatching parts and a couple of nifty upgrades. Despite the positive identification, the two brothers kept very cool about the whole thing, and the situation didn’t get violent or even close to it.

Recovering Your Stolen Bike!

They called the police, naturally, but the guy with the stolen bike disappeared into the woods. The cops were pretty cool, but ultimately couldn’t waste their time waiting for the missing bike to return. The two brothers waited instead, and the police instructed them to give ‘em a call when the bike and rider resurfaced.

At this point, after the stolen motorcycle and its new rider disappeared into the woods without returning, you’d normally conclude that the new rider was the actual thief. As it turned out, he wasn’t. He had bought the bike off another guy. This was all confirmed after he eventually emerged from the woods, and the police were called.

Our lucky YouTuber ended the day with his old bike back at home in his garage. It was unlucky that the other rider had paid for a stolen bike, but that’s his loss. It’s great to see riders reunited with their stolen bikes – it happens so rarely. Usually, once they’re gone, they’re gone. This video has taught us not to give up hope…because you never know, it might turn up again in the future.

Just as an extra note: motorcycle thefts have seen a dramatic increase over the last twelve months, so if you’ve been a bit lax with your security measures, it’s definitely time to take it seriously. We hear of too many thefts, and very few occasions when bikes get returned. Keep your bike locked up…the festive season is approaching, and motorcycles are often easy targets for cash strapped thieves…

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