The Most Powerful Chevy Crate Engines That GM Ever Has Approved To Sell You

Chevy Offers Over 70 Different Crate Engines Up To 776 Horsepower

It’s well-know that there are a variety of Chevy Crate Engines. But can you believe that the company offers 70 different versions? And 69 of them are V8s, with only one four-cylinder engine available – the turbocharged LTG that develops 272 horsepower. At the other end of the spectrum is the LSX454R Chevy Crate Engine that produces 776 horsepower from an LS Small Block – at only $27.50 per horsepower.

For the budget-conscious, there’s a 350 CID Chevy Crate Engine that produces 300 horsepower and sells for less than $3500. A nice step-up from there is the ZZ6 which is a turn-key Chevy Crate Engine that produces 405 horsepower for about $9000.

Our list of Chevy Crate Engines begins at 535 horsepower and tops out with the LSX454R. The sharp-eyed will notice that we skipped over a couple of engines, for example versions of the LSX and ZZ572, in order to broaden the list and expose the variety of high-performance motors available in the Chevy Crate Engine line.

LT4 Chevrolet Crate Engine


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