Modded 245hp Kawasaki H2 Vs 2300 hp Lamborghini Gallardo

There are very few vehicles that can stand up to a stock Kawasaki H2, but when mods are involved – anything is possible. Here, we have a boosted Kawasaki H2 going head to head with one of Underground Racing’s superbly modded twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo…Who wins? Place your bets now, and scroll down for the video. If you need a bit more info before casting your vote, here are some vital statistics…


The Kawasaki H2 in its stock form produces around 200 hp, but thanks to this riders awesome mods, it’s now capable of around 245 hp. This is thanks to a custom rear swing arm which weighs next to nothing, supercharged engine modifications, an ethanol set up, and new intercooler. Earlier this year, this very bike was capable of a quarter mile in 8.34 seconds at 169 mph, but it’s been modded even more since then…


As for the Lamborghini Gallardo, it has been given the full Underground Racing street legal racing package, which boosts the performance figures from the Gallardo’s stock 560 something hp, to an incredible 2,300 hp and more. If you were certain the H2 was going to win, perhaps it’s time to rethink your first evaluation and put some money on this furious V10 supercar…


As usual, we’ve got ourselves a night fight on a relatively empty stretch of highway – we don’t condone that, naturally – and the pilots opt for the necessary rolling starts before they let battle commence… Who wins? Take a look and find out. All you need to know is that the 200 mph marker was left in the dust.

Did you call it right? I didn’t.

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