Mike Tyson’s F50 For Sale Next Month For An Eye Watering Price

No one actually knows the financial standpoint of the former world Boxing champion Mike Tyson. A quick google search for Mike Tyson Net Worth reveals he is worth about $3 million right now. Who knows whether that is correct? What we do know is that Iron Mike had a 200 cars strong car collection in his time. And one of the cars in the collection was this red Ferrari F50, now up for grabs on an RM Sotheby’s auction. If they successfully sell the car at the Amelia Island next month, that could almost double the 3 million Tyson disposes of with right now.

See, RM Sotheby’s estimated the car could fetch a price of $2.3 million at an auction. Apart from the worldwide fame of its current owner, this particular Ferrari F50 is one of only 50 ever imported in the US. But it is described as being in “immaculate condition”. After all, Ferrari produced only 349 units back in the day. Clearly, they produced much more LaFerraris than that.

The car in question covered only 5,694 miles. As it’s in pristine condition, has traceable history and it even received Ferrari Classiche certification. In fact, this is the ultimate document a classic car can get from a Ferrari witnessing its originality.

And this one has an aftermarket exhaust fitted to it. Tubi installed exhaust gives a unique sound to the F50. After all, it’s a supercar of its day and age. Ferrari rigged it with a 4.7-liter V12 producing 520 hp. Capable of reaching 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and topping at more than 200 mph, the F50 can compare with sports cars of today.

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