Mercedes SLR McLaren Recreated by a 22 Year Old Designer

Mercedes and McLaren teamed up back in 2003 and developed the SLR McLaren that represented the supercar market. SLR stands for Sport Light Racing that designated other automobiles such as the Mercedes 300 SLR as well. During this time frame 40 percent of McLaren was owned by Mercedes that was the main reason that prompted the partnership. The team worked together on the SLR manufacturing it for approximately six years when it was then discontinued. McLaren then began manufacturing a supercar line-up.


22 year old Aritra Das designed some unique renderings to revitalize the extinct Mercedes SLR McLaren. Das evaluated current and possible future designs that are incorporated by Benz and McLaren to develop this proposed SLR redesign. These proposals are very impressive and very well rendered. Aritra is a self-taught designer without formal training in this field and he doesn’t have a degree in design.

Overall: Aritra Das is a very talented young man that can create some unique concepts that appear to be feasible. You never know; you may have one of these unique supercars fly past you on the highway in a couple of years. However; it does look kind of like a Corvette on steroids that may discourage Mercedes enthusiast from purchasing one.




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Calvin Escobar
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