Mercedes-Maybach G-650, Updating The Faithful Wehrwagen

Sometime back in the Dark Ages – or 30 years ago, take your pick – Mercedes-Benz came out with a concept Wehrwagen that managed to catch on, more like a cult and corporate car, than anything else. Since that time, the G-Wagen has gone over with the wider world or motoring, as well. Who wouldn’t want a Mercedes-Benz that looks as rugged as the G-650?

There’s a new version of the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet running around out there somewhere with the manufacturer sending out a single tantalizing image of the new G-Wagen. It’s an image that certainly peaked the interest of a lot of people because this one has a real, teal exterior finish and tan interior, not an exterior bedecked with the disconcerting black-and-white geometric anti-spy shot patterns.

The updated original Wehrwagen or Mercedes-Maybach G-650. Lots of tech goodies included.

There’s more to the new G-Wagen out there than, perhaps M-B might have wanted before next month’s Geneva Motor Show thanks to and AutoMailRU. The people at AutoMailRU managed to get about a minute’s worth of video in a quick walkaround.

For starters, M-B built the G650 on the same platform used since 1990. It’s the W463 platform, and some are suggesting this could be the last hurrah for the venerable underpinnings, but who knows? The biggest change is the open back and foldable top that now covers the rear quarters. Sitting prominently on the rear end is the Maybach badging.

Using the same biturbo V-12 6.0-liter powerplant, the G650 turns out 630-horsepower and 737 pounds-feet of torque. That torque is channeled to both sides. Mercedes uses carbon fiber wheel arches and a LED strip that also serves as the third brake light, over the spare tire. The front fascia has been refined as has the rear end look.

If you are thinking about putting down the $322,050 that one of the copies will cost, you’d better sign up quickly – as in now – for one of the 99 copies.






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