McLaren P1 GTR – Yes Its Already More Bonkers

The McLaren P1 GTR is not only more insane than the original P1 which makes me wonder if there are already some infuriated rich folks that just took delivery of the astoundingly brutal P1 and are thinking, $#!T this is already the older less powerful version! (Super-Rich People Problems)McLaren P1 GTR5 McLaren P1 GTR4McLaren P1 GTR6The original monster had over 900hp and now this version will be closer to 1,000 horsepower as it reaches 983bhp during factory dyno testing. Visibly noticeable is the F1 style carbon fiber racing wheel which is modeled after Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One car. Then McLaren added the onboard jacking system for lightning fast tire changes due to the fact that most of the time your crew will be changing tires due to 983HP!!! McLaren P1 GTR3

Now some spec numbers are not in but if the P1 is throwing down 0-60 times as little as 2.8secs means that this should be able to run a possible 2.5sec 0-60 time which means that this car can make it to 150mph and then back to zero and then full tire change and then back to 150mph before your Toyota Trecel  gets to 60. McLaren P1 GTR2

We don’t as of yet have the dry weight of the vehicle to compare to the standard P1 but looking at the sparse interior splattered in carbon fiber and solid carbon rear wing thus removing the weighted mechanical version means that the car should come in on a diet.McLaren P1 GTR1

Either way you slice the air, this vehicle is a remarkable tribute to engineering as one of the most meticulous companies continues to flex their strengths and hopefully one day we will once again look at British sports cars as pioneers in such feats. But for now we still think of the 80’s Jaguars and Land Rovers breaking down all over the place.


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