McLaren 720S Driver And Motorcyclist Tangle In Road Rage Incident!

Road rage drama unfolds in Palm Beach as a McLaren 720S and motorcyclist face off.

Did the biker girl hit the McLaren 720S, or did the McLaren driver hit the biker? Check out the video that’s currently causing a scene on social media. Unlike a lot of videos that usually involve sportsbikes or supercars, this one doesn’t involve any high-speed dramas…in fact, we’re not even entirely sure what caused it. All we really know for sure is that a 2017 McLaren 720S has been involved in some kind of roadside drama with a couple of motorcyclists…and whatever caused the motorcycle to fall over seemed to really annoy the female biker.

McLaren 720S Road Rage 1

The video doesn’t give too much away: what we can see is a supercar escaping from some kind of scene with one of its doors still up… Fleeing the scene is generally a suspicious move…but according to numerous internet commenters (who are definitely not to be confused with primary sources), the car driver was innocent.  Innocent or not, the McLaren driver seemed to have done something to piss the bikers off, surely? Here’s one Redditor’s explanation:

McLaren 720S Road Rage 2

The women [McLaren 720S driver] was cut off by the motorcycles, the bikers blocked the car in and when the driver stepped out to talk to them she forgot to engage the parking brake causing the vehicle to roll into the bike in front. The bikers proceeded to damage the vehicle by punching and kicking it. One biker even swung at the driver which is why she got back into the vehicle left the scene and called the police from a safer location.

Was The McLaren 720S In The Right?

McLaren 720S Road Rage 3

YouTubers seems to support this argument too. Here’s a quote (that we’ve edited – only the excessive punctuation for easier readability): “After some investigation we have gotten to the bottom of the story! The female driver of the McLaren who is visiting (as part of the Corsa Rally) accidentally tapped the back tire of the motorcycle that was trying to do a burnout in front of her.

McLaren 720S Road Rage 4

“The owner of the motorcycle then proceeded to throw her bike on the ground and start punching the hood of the McLaren while being verbally abusive and aggressive (as you can see in the video.) After removing herself from a violent situation the McLaren owner proceeded to call the police and the situation has since been dealt with, with the authorities. On top of everything that happened the McLaren owner now has to wait a year and a half for parts to repair the damage done by the girl on the motorcycle! This type of behavior is unacceptable!”

Something still feels off though, don’t you think? I can’t think of any motorcyclists who would willingly throw their bike over. Anyway, we’re not here to pass judgment – we’re just here to stoke the YouTube comments-section fire…go and take a look for yourself, because some of comments are gold. Oh yeah, and the morale of this story: don’t block traffic, don’t punch a supercar, don’t intentionally ram a motorcyclist with your car (super or not), don’t give in to road rage, get proper insurance, and generally carry on with your life.

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