LS Swap and Nitro Push This Pontiac Solstice Into the 700 HP Wonderland (Video)

The only Pontiac Solstice I’d park in my garage

This year’s summer solstice just passed a few days ago on June 20, and we couldn’t help thinking about the eponymous car. Yes, I am talking about the Pontiac Solstice. You do remember the Solstice, don’t you? It’s that little unlucky 2-door, 2-seat sports car produced by the late Pontiac division between 2005 and 2009. It’s definitely not Solstice’s fault it’s no longer around. Roadster exhibited fine sales figures, especially in first couple of years, but we all know what happened then.

solstice 1

This particular specimen that we have brought you by courtesy of Vehicle Virgins is anything but the regular 4-cylinder roadster. Its owner decided to do something unconventional with it and enlisted it for the LS swap. It now has 6.2L LS3 V8 from a Corvette and packs north of 700 horsepower. Not everything is so black on white, so let me elaborate. Initial stock LS setup packed 520 horses which were pushed to 550 horses thanks to custom cams, exhaust and a tube. Finally, it started making the mentioned output when 15-pound bottle of nitrous was added.

solstice 2

Our Pontiac Solstice started out as a SEMA mule with 177 hp normally aspirated four banger under its hood. Since it wasn’t a GXP model which packed 260 ponies thanks to a turbo four, the new owner decided to first install a humongous turbocharger increasing engine’s output to 375 horses. As you can imagine, that setup wasn’t stable enough. This is the reason this Solstice now has the LS3 under its hood.

solstice 3

Not only engine was replaced, though. Transmission is now Tremec 6-speed manual instead of a stock 5-speed. Moreover, the owner has added adjustable BC Racing coilovers, Eibach sway bars, 6-piston 13-inch brakes up front, 4-pistons at the rear, blacked-out 5-spoke wheels, and 285 section tires. Not only that. When this Pontiac Solstice hits the track, it boasts 315’s which stick way beyond its fenders. And it’s hitting the tracks indeed. Solstice has won more than a few races against the likes of Corvette Z06. Its owner actually thought about getting the new Z06, but instead splashed around $50,000 in total on this immaculate Solstice. Some might say he’s made a wrong choice (putting it mildly), but his Solstice is fast as lightning. Take a look for yourselves.

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