Lincoln Continental Concept Might Be A Luxury We’ve Been Waiting For

A short time ago Henrik Fisker, with a bit of help of Galpin Auto Sport, made that beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish based Thunderbolt Concept and, surprise, surprise, Aston Martin officials stated that they are going to sue him over design issues. A few weeks after, Lincoln showed their Continental concept and again the chief designer of Bentley Luc Donckerwolke stated over Facebook that he basically despises the designer effort that went into creating an all new Lincoln Continental. He said that he “would have called it Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights,” which was sarcastic enough.


The issues here aren’t first in the industry and issues like this appear in every branch of any serious job-making industry in the world. So, we just might say that Lincoln did what they had to do and move on. However, the things in the premium class of vehicles, where Lincoln should reside, aren’t that simple. The buyers there require top notch quality, despise any “cutting corners” and request absolute creativity and consistency from those they pay for their cars. Don’t get us wrong here. The Lincoln Continental is a great looking car with masculine body lines, enough length to be considered a full fledged executive saloon and enough visible technology (take a look at that wonderful front LEDs that look like Lincoln plaque) that it would probably kill off anything that comes from Japan (the Germans are still a bit more mature and powerful).


The maturity and elegance of the design comes from the back as well. Sharp and narrow rear lights are something that everyone wants these days and the newest Lincoln Continental Concept’s got them. We were hoping we won’t use the word concept here, but this thing is a concept and that somewhat scares us. As you can remember, concept cars sometimes don’t end up good looking when they come to the market (look at this Scion). Then again, this is a premium class car so we can expect some serious drama going on in terms of design even when this car hits the production lines and we are certain it will.


Now, let’s forget about this obviously Bentlyish outside and let’s concentrate on the inside. This is where the Lincoln Continental Concept excels beyond what is “morally permissible”. Until we saw that this car has slippers in it (yes, slippers for you feet), which are located at the special bin at the back of the front passenger seat, we looked at the thing with a bit of dislike, but then it struck us. This is the luxury America knows about, this is what luxury cars need and this is the ultimate indulgence like Xzibit from Pimp My Ride show did it. Chrome, blue leather, rear seats that can move around like a barbers chair and perfectly positioned rear entertainment screen are the things that make the rear passenger compartment of the Lincoln Continental a bit “Hilton hotel like”. You know what!? We love it!


Who knows what out of this will reach the production lines, but we suspect that some of it will and then, Lincoln will embark on a way that might bring the Continental name back to the first league. Unfortunately, we do not know much more about what is going under the metal. Lincoln officials haven’t said much of the technology used in the car, but they said that the Lincoln exclusive V6 EcoBoost will be used for propulsion. Also, we have to point out that this car may not be a rear wheel drive vehicle. According to some sources, Lincoln doesn’t have a ready RWD platform, so this Continental may get an all wheel drive arrangement. Audi A8, watch out!


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