Limited Edition BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Is 30 Percent More Expensive And We Know Why

BMW Celebration heads to the US as well and that with the introduction of the most powerful BMW M5 to date – the 2017 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver. Ok, we had it in 2015 as well, but then it was limited to 20 units. Now – it is up to 50 units, and it has a whole lot of magnificent special features. We tricked you a bit before. It is not the most powerful ever. It has the same power as the BMW M5 30 Jahre edition which hit the market in 2015. So let us get to it. The 4.4-liter, V8 is turbocharged, and for this version, it has more boost, a newly tuned fuel map, and some other minor changes. The result is rather amazing. 600hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. In a four-door sedan, that is huge.


Power up was only one part of the whole endeavour. Motorsport tricked out the suspension too. The car is 0.39 inches lower and has a unique differential setting. We hope it is even better set for drifting. Giving the M5 a bit more power and a sharper suspension led Motorsport engineers to retune all the steering system. They even reprogrammed steering and stability control systems, thus fundamentally changing the nature of the car. True, the BMW M5 is a sports machine even in its most sensible form, but the Pure Metal Silver adds so many new features it seems like a more hardcore version. True enthusiasts will definitely appreciate all the hardware. Height drop and new differential actually come as a courtesy of the Competition Pack integration which Pure Metal Silver shares with the other new limited edition – BMW M5 Competition Edition.


If you are up for getting this one in your garage we urge you to get it with the magnificent carbon-ceramic brakes. Not only do they slash weight a bit but they also do wonders on the track. Compared with the Pure Metal Silver, the Competition Edition is limited to 200 units and comes loaded with “Competition Edition” plaques and other special differentiating features which set this M5 apart from any other really.


So, why is the Pure Metal Silver more expensive and limited to 50 units!? More or less, it all comes down to the paint. Pure Metal Silver has the most expensive paint scheme in the BMW Individual program. It costs rather incredible $10,000 and the display on which you are looking at this marvel cannot actually show how awesome this color is. Pure Metal Silver is a whopping 30 grand more expensive than the classic M5 with the Competition Pack (it goes for $130,000). That is how much you pay for prestige. And for getting to 60 mph in 3,9 seconds. And for getting to 190 mph. And for having a whole day of high-performance driving at the BMW’s Performance Center in California or South Carolina.


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